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Installation How-Tos

Find videos and information that explain frequently asked questions about Docking Drawer product installations.

How to Install with Minimal Space Behind the Drawer Box

Docking Drawer outlets fit seamlessly into drawers with 2” space or more behind the drawer box. When working with less space behind the drawer box –most commonly seen in closet and inset cabinets– 3 common techniques can be applied, as seen in our Sp

Can you HARDWIRE a Docking Drawer Blade outlet?

While hardwiring a corded device like our in-drawer outlets is technically possible, it alters the device, invalidating the device's ETL Listing. As an ETL Listed product, the manufacturer (in this case, Docking Drawer) assumes responsibility for the

How to Correct a Misaligned Thermostat

We’ve received feedback from our customers regarding the misalignment between the cover plate cutout and the reset button of the interlocking thermostat. The problem looks like this:. The misaligned thermostat will NOT affect the thermostat function

Resetting the Blade Series Interlocking Thermostat

Every 15 and 20 amp Blade Series in-drawer outlets include a 120˚F interlocking thermostat to protect against overheating inside the drawer. To reset, correct the source of the over temperature and push the button in the center of the vents of the co

How to Add a Power Outlet Inside Your Cabinet Wall

Follow these 7 simple steps for adding a power outlet inside your cabinet wall in preparation for installing a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet.

How to Level & Center Cable Management Arms

Follow step-by-step instructions for leveling and centering cable management arms during a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet installation project.

How to Install a Docking Drawer Outlet into a Kitchen Cabinet Drawer

Watch this in-depth instructional video to learn how to install a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet into your kitchen cabinet drawer.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Drawer Outlet From Docking Drawer

Follow in-depth, step-by-step instructions to guide you through how to install a bathroom vanity drawer outlet from Docking Drawer.

How to Install a Docking Drawer Outlet

Step-by-step tutorial: Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet installation with Jeff Fisher Company

How to Remove a Drawer Box with a Docking Drawer Installed

In just 4 simple steps, learn how to remove a drawer box with a Docking Drawer outlet already installed.

How to Install a Blade Series Outlet into a Bathroom Vanity Drawer

Create your own powered styling drawer in any bathroom vanity bathroom vanity by installing a Docking Drawer Blade series outlet.

What to Do if Your Docking Drawer Has No Power

Our Troubleshooting Guide will walk you through common scenarios that may cause power issues with your Docking Drawer outlet and provide some possible solutions.

How to Retrofit a Docking Drawer Blade Outlet Into a Kitchen Drawer

Get a detailed walkthrough on how to install a Docking Drawer Blade outlet into your existing kitchen drawer.

How to Install a Docking Drawer Blade Outlet into a 2.5” Tall Drawer Box

While Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets are designed to be installed into drawer boxes with a height of 3 inches, it is possible to install them into drawers as little as 2.5 inches in height by creating a taller back to the drawer box wall.

Replacing a Docking Drawer Trio USB Module

Follow these simple steps to replace a USB module on a Docking Drawer International trio.

How to Install a Docking Drawer Outlet with Minimal Space Behind the Drawer

There are many different ways drawers can be modified to accommodate a Docking Drawer outlet—just ask our customer, Tuan Vu, who ran into an obstacle while looking for an outlet to install in his kitchen island drawer. The problem was twofold: the dr

How to Not Fray Wood When Drilling Your Drawer Cutout

For a flawless Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet installation, prevent wood splintering by securing a spare piece of wood beneath your drill area using clamps. This additional support prevents fraying as you drill through the drawer box, ensuring a cle

How to Troubleshoot USB Outlet Issues with Your Docking Drawer

Learn quick steps to troubleshoot USB issues with your Docking Drawer outlet and the key information needed to share with our support team.

Narrow Drawer Installation Techniques

See our most common technique for installing Docking Drawer outlets into drawers as narrow as 9”.