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Narrow Drawer Installation TechniquesUpdated a month ago

Discover the versatility of Docking Drawer outlets! Whether your drawers are tall, shallow, or even narrow, there is an installation solution. For especially narrow drawers (as narrow as 9”), some modifications may be necessary to allow the outlet’s cable management arms enough room to expand and contract as the drawer opens and closes. There are two common methods for modifying a very narrow drawer during your Docking Drawer installation:

  1. Create a channel in the cabinet wall, allowing the cable management arms to move freely. 
  2. Utilize empty cabinet space to allow the cable management arms to move freely into the open cabinet space. 

Watch Scott Dickey, the mastermind behind Docking Drawer, demonstrate how it's done below, explore our spec book for additional guidance or check out this detailed article on Docking Drawer installation for narrow drawers. Don't limit your projects—learn how to add the power of Docking Drawer to any drawer and every project!

Video transcript:

“Okay, so we're here in Jan's beautiful bathroom, and we're going to do a narrow drawer docking drawer installation. This drawer is 10.5 inches wide. So we're going to do the narrow drawer where we cut the hole in the wall in between the drawer bay and the sink bay. And we're installing a Docking Drawer 1514-160 W, one of the most popular models for a bathroom vanity. I've already used my template to mark out the cutout on the back of the drawer, and I'm going to use my multi-tool to cut that out first. Cutout is finished. So now we'll mount this in the back of the drawer and make the notch for the narrow drawer. We need to cut a slot here in this wall in between the sink bay and the drawer bay, and that's going to allow the arm's space to nest when the drawer is closed. Okay, so now I'm going to do the vertical cuts. And because the sink is here, I don't have a lot of clearance. So I just rotated the blade 90 degrees on my multi-tools, so I'll be able to get these cuts in here in between the wall and the sink.”

“Okay, so we are finished. We installed our Docking Drawer using the narrow drawer installation tip. You can see the Docking Drawer in the back. Tested it and it works. We used our multi-tool to cut the channel inside the cabinet between the drawer bay and the sink bay. I'll show you now where we cut the channel inside the cabinet.”

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