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How to Correct a Misaligned ThermostatUpdated a year ago

The Problem:

We’ve received feedback from our customers regarding the misalignment between the cover plate cutout and the reset button of the interlocking thermostat. The problem looks like this:

The misaligned thermostat will NOT affect the thermostat function and fortunately, the solution is very simple and easy to correct.

How to Fix it: Realigning the thermostat

The thermostat alignment problem is caused by the misalignment of the power outlet and the metal receptacle box.

To fix it:

  • Remove the Blade Series cover plate
  • Loosen the mounting screws of the outlet enough so the outlet can be adjusted
  • Shift the outlet so the mounting holes perfectly align with the mounting screws.
  • Retighten the screws and replace the cover plate.

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