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How to Remove a Drawer Box with a Docking Drawer InstalledUpdated a year ago

“Okay, here's a quick video on how to remove a drawer without actually completely removing the Docking Drawer. We've had a couple of customers ask about this, so I'm just going to demonstrate it.

Of course, first, we're going to take the cover plate off. That's four flat-head screws. And then we're just going to remove the four screws that hold the receptacle box to the back of the drawer box. It's the same if it's a Docking Drawer Duo or if it's a single. 

Okay, so now we can just pull this [the Docking Drawer outlet] out and slide it through the hole [cutout at the back of the drawer]. And then what I would recommend doing is if you can get at it from underneath, you can support it until it's in the retracted position. 

Then you can pull the drawer box out. And then to reinstall it, just slide it back through again and put it back in place like that. Replace the screws in the cover plate and you're done.”

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