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How to Troubleshoot USB Outlet Issues with Your Docking DrawerUpdated 6 months ago

When you invest in convenient and innovative technology like the Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet, encountering issues can be frustrating. If you're experiencing non-functional USB ports, there are steps to help identify and potentially resolve the problem efficiently.

Gather Key Information

First, gather essential details about your Docking Drawer outlet:

  • Part Number: Locate and note down the specific outlet part number, found on the label on the back of the unit.

  • Purchase Date: When was the outlet purchased?

  • Installation Date: When was the outlet installed?

  • Observation of Issue: When did you notice the problem occurring?

  • Vendor or Source: From whom was the outlet purchased?

Series-Specific Checks

For Blade Duo Series:

  • Check if both outlets on the Duo Series have power.

  • Determine if one side functions while the other does not.

  • Specify if the issue is with a specific port(s): AC, USB-C, or USB-A

For Blade Series:

  • Identify what is not working: AC, USB-C, or USB-A ports

Cord Inspection

Evaluate the USB cords in use:

  • Ensure high-quality USB cords are being used.

  • Attempt using different cords to determine if the issue persists.

Capture Photos/Video

To assist in troubleshooting effectively, capture photos or record a short video showcasing the issue. Visuals immensely aid in diagnosing problems accurately.

Initiate Support

If issues persist despite these checks, start a support ticket by emailing [email protected]. Provide gathered information, observations, and any visual aids to expedite the resolution process.

Our Team is Here to Help

Remember, troubleshooting technical issues can be intricate, but by following these steps and reaching out to support, you're taking proactive measures to resolve the problem and enhance your Docking Drawer experience.

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