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In-Drawer Outlet FAQs

Do I Need to Vent the Drawer Where my In-Drawer Outlet is Located?

Venting is used to avoid heat build-up which can be an issue in tightly sealed environments such as the case with an oven. Cabinets, on the other hand, are not sealed, so there is a large volume of air in cabinets as well as air intake from the gaps

Can Docking Drawer outlets be installed in a rental home?

Docking Drawer outlets are ETL Listed for use in the US & Canada, so your landlord or rental company may approve the installation of our outlets inside cabinet drawers. However, more often than not, renters install our outlets into furniture drawers

How Do I Replace a Docking Drawer Blade Thermostat?

Follow step-by-step instructions on how to remove and replace a Docking Drawer thermostat assembly.

What outlet configuration should I choose?

Get an up close look at the multiple configurations you can choose from Docking Drawer.

Are Docking Drawer Outlets Tamper Resistant?

All Docking Drawer in-drawer AC outlets are tamper resistant with a built-in shutter mechanism that prevents anything other than a plug, such as keys or small tools, from being inserted into the outlet receptacle slots.

Do I Need a 15 or 20 amp Docking Drawer Outlet?

We often get asked the question “Do I need a 15 or 20 amp outlet?”, especially when it comes to bathroom vanity projects. While Docking Drawer offers 20 amp solutions, we recommend 15 amp outlets for almost all residential applications.

Why Choose Docking Drawer Over Competitor Products

We were the first to market with in-drawer outlets, and we've maintained an unwavering position as the market leader in this category ever since. Our outlets are unparalleled in safety, durability, technology and ease of installation. Our commitment

Do Docking Drawer Outlets Comply with Building Codes?

A: In a word: YES. Docking Drawer outlets are tested by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs), which are independent laboratories recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test products to the specificatio

Do you sell replacement outlet cover plates?

Replacement Docking Drawer cover plates can be ordered directly from our website.

Are portable cords approved for permanent installations?

There are many exceptions to the NEC prohibition against using portable cords in permanent installations. UL962a specifically refers to permanently cord-connected furniture power distribution devices. Section 1.1 of UL962a says, "These requirements c

Do Docking Drawer Blade Outlets Comply with NEC for Kitchen Islands & Peninsulas?

National Electrical Code (NEC) is not black and white. So while the short answer is “YES, Docking Drawer complies with the NEC”, recent code changes created some grey area relating to AC outlets in kitchen islands & peninsulas that are worth understa

How to Install the Safety Outlet With Blade Limit Switch

Watch an installation tutorial on installing our Safety Outlet with Blade Limit Switch to an already-installed Blade Series in-drawer outlet.

The Difference Between AFCI, GFCI & Standard Circuit Breakers

Understand the limitations of AFCIs, GFCIs, and standard circuit breakers and learn how measures like the Fire Guard Outlet add crucial layers of safety.

Can I add Docking Drawer to a 12” Wide Drawer?

Question: All the bathroom vanities I am considering have 12” drawers. Docking Drawer is a ‘must have’ for me, but the specifications state that I need to have a 13” wide drawer. Can I install a Docking Drawer into a 12” wide drawer?. Answer: YES. Yo