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What outlet configuration should I choose?Updated a year ago

Get an up close look at the multiple configurations you can choose from Docking Drawer.

Find the best outlet for your project by taking this short Outlet Selector Quiz!

“I wanted to show you what the Docking Drawer looks like up close. So they have several different options that you can go with. I actually chose to go with the black color for the outer plate just because my theme in my house was with the black and wood tones. I wanted to show you up close how you have that. 

Also, different options to choose from when you’re ordering. You can choose ones that have four USB ports or two. I chose the one with two USB ports on each side and then two outlets. You just plug it right in and it starts charging your devices. And the same one is over here. It has two USB ports and then also I just have a phone charging as well. It is so nice to be able to come into my kitchen and stash away all the electronics in the drawer so that when you're eating or having friends over, no one knows where your electronics are being charged. But when your kids are ready for them, they are ready to be used and fully charged.”

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