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Why Choose Docking Drawer Over Competitor ProductsUpdated a year ago

We were the first to market with in-drawer outlets, and we've maintained an unwavering position as the market leader in this category ever since. Our outlets are unparalleled in safety, durability, technology and ease of installation. Our commitment to continually improving and innovating our offering sets our products apart from all others on the market. 

Here are the top 5 reasons we urge you to choose Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets over competitor or knockoff solutions:

  1. We put your safety first. All Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets come standard with a built-in thermostat that cuts power to the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120°F. There are no competitor solutions on the market that include any such integrated safety mechanism that makes their product safe for use within the confined space of your drawer box.

  2. We offer a variety of outlet finishes and configurations. One finish and size do not fit all. We offer various finishes and outlet configurations that connect anywhere from 2-8 devices and feature a combination of available ports, including AC, USB-A and fast-charging USB-C (PD). Choose between 15 and 20 amp outlets and between 30W and 60 USB-C (PD). 

  3. You won't sacrifice drawer space. Our outlets are designed to fit seamlessly into the standard 2" space behind the drawer box and can be installed with minimal modifications into as little as 1.25" behind the drawer box. Competitor products on the market extend into the drawer box, reducing the size of your drawer.

  4. Our products are purposefully designed to last a lifetime. Docking Drawer outlets feature cable management arms that guide and protect the power cord as the drawer opens and closes, guaranteeing no loss of drawer functionality. We cycle test this design over 500,000 times, exceeding the requirement of 25,000 cycles, to ensure an enduring product that will last a lifetime. Competitor products are powered with off-the-shelf cords that are not designed for movable applications like the drawer.

  5. ETL Listed: we go one step further than any other in-drawer outlet on the market and make our Blade Series outlets ETL Listed for the US & Canada. Competitor products are ETL Recognized at best, and the difference is significant. With an ETL Recognized product, the intention is for the components to be installed by technical people in a factory environment, and the ultimate responsibility for the product lies with the installer. With an ETL Listed product, installation is intended for anyone, and the responsibility lies with the manufacturer.

The list of considerations goes on, including our use of only high-quality, all-metal parts, the fact that our products are both repairable and updatable over time, and the ease with which our outlets can be installed into drawers of every kind. 

Learn more about our top-selling solution, the Docking Drawer Blade 1514-110W with 2AC and 2 USB-A ports, or browse all of our market-leading Blade Series outlets on our website. 
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