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Are Docking Drawer Outlets Tamper Resistant?Updated a year ago

All Docking Drawer in-drawer AC outlets are tamper resistant with a built-in shutter mechanism that prevents anything other than a plug, such as keys or small tools, from being inserted into the outlet receptacle slots. The shutter consists of two spring-loaded shutters that only open when equal pressure is applied on both sides. This means that if a child attempts to insert an object into the outlet, the shutter will remain closed, preventing any access to the electrical current. 

Tamper resistant outlets not only protect children from electrical shock, but they also provide added protection against electrical fires by preventing accidental contact with the electrical current in the outlet. Additionally, the AC outlets are are tested to verify they meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations for residential housing.

At Docking Drawer, we take safety seriously. Our integrated safety features, rigorous cycle testing, and ETL certifications set our in-drawer outlets apart from others on the market. Learn more about our outlet safety features and electrical certifications.

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