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How Do I Replace a Docking Drawer Blade Thermostat?Updated a year ago

Follow step-by-step instructions on how to remove and replace a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet thermostat assembly.

“Okay, this is a quick video on how to remove and replace a thermostat assembly. So you can see that we've already removed the outlet, and what we're left with is the neutral wire, white, the ground wire, green, and the line wire, black. So we're going to go to the back of the unit and we're going to remove these two Philips head screws. Set those aside. Usually, it's easier to pull that off, and then it'll come out easier. It just slips on and off. And then that's the thermostat assembly. 

And the way these little wire nuts work is these little levers flip up like that, and then you could pull the wire out. So that's our thermostat assembly right there. And then if we want to reinstall it, we're going to put it back in. Wiggle its way in there. Then you have to line it up so that you can get that first screw started. Once you get that first one started, then you can just get it snug. Grab the second screw, tighten those up. Take your push button, just line it up on there, push it on. Then you're going to take either one of these black wires.

It does not matter which one you use, but either one is going to go back into the wire nut like that. And then you're left again with black, white, and green. And of course, when you put an outlet back in, you should know that the brass colored screw goes to the black wire, the silver colored screw goes to the white wire, and the green colored screw goes to the green wire. And that's it for replacing a thermostat.”

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