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How to Install the Safety Outlet With Blade Limit SwitchUpdated 10 months ago

Watch an installation tutorial on installing our Safety Outlet with Blade Limit Switch to an already-installed Blade Series in-drawer outlet. This added layer of safety, when combined with your Blade in-drawer outlet, will de-energize the outlet when the drawer is closed, adding peace of mind for applications such as powered appliance drawers or vanity styling drawers - and allowing our Canadian customers to de-energize AC outlet configurations when the drawer is closed, complying with Canadian electrical code.

Video Transcript:

Okay, so I'm going to show how to install a blade limit switch on an already installed Docking Drawer. You can see the little mounting pad is here. I've got the limit switch and I have my small mounting screw that's supplied with the limit switch, so a little easier to start with the lower one. Let me just attach that. Okay, so now the limit switch is attached. And then the last thing you can see it working now. You can see how when the drawer extends, it depresses the limit switch there just like that. And then the last thing that we want to do is just adjust it. 

So over on this side, it's hard to see from this angle with the camera, but I can unscrew or just loosen these small adjustment screws, and that allows the limit switch to move in and out like that. For example, this drawer doesn't extend all the way, so I can extend the drawer all the way out. Then I could just set the limit switch in place where I know I want it to activate and basically turn the outlet on and then go and tighten those adjustment screws.

Now, as the drawer starts to close, the limit switch opens, that's going to shut the power off. As the drawer opens, when it gets to full extension, it closes the limit switch and that's going to allow the power to turn on. There's plenty of adjustment range there so that you can have it turn on and off a little bit sooner, a little bit later. But basically, you want the power to turn off as you're starting to close the drawer. So that's it.

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