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Can I add Docking Drawer to a 12” Wide Drawer?Updated a month ago

Question: All the bathroom vanities I am considering have 12” drawers. Docking Drawer is a ‘must have’ for me, but the specifications state that I need to have a 13” wide drawer. Can I install a Docking Drawer into a 12” wide drawer?

Answer: YES. You can install a Docking Drawer Blade outlet into your 12” wide vanity drawer. We see this frequently in prefabricated vanities from retailers like Lowes, Home Depot and Wayfair. But you can NOT install a Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet into a 12” vanity drawer because the cover plate is too wide.

Installation Considerations

There are a few considerations when planning a Docking Drawer installation into a 12” wide drawer: the drawer width, drawer height, and the amount of space behind the drawer box.

1. Drawer Width

The main consideration –where we recommend starting– is the width of the drawer box. While drawings can be hard to decipher, this key measurement is typically present and might look something like this:

The example above indicates that the drawer face is 12” wide, so one can assume the drawer box itself is less than 12” wide. So, how can one install an outlet that features 13” wide cable management arms into a 12” wide drawer? Simple: Plan your installation using the principles of our Narrow Drawer Installation Techniques.

2. Drawer Height

12” wide drawers need to be at least 4” tall in order to install a Docking Drawer Blade outlet. This allows the outlet to be installed higher inside the drawer, enabling the cable management arms to be positioned above the drawer's glides to avoid interference. Since vanity drawers are designed to fit hair dryers and other large styling tools, you’re likely to have at least one drawer that meets these height requirements, and –fun fact– it’s most commonly the middle vanity drawer (and the most popular place for Docking Drawer installations).

3. Space Behind the Drawer Box

If there is at least 2” of space behind the drawer box, you’re all set! While drawings do not commonly provide this measurement, vanities are typically built to this standard. If you don’t know, don't worry! You can use the spacer installation technique outlined in our spec book to install Docking Drawer outlets into space as little as 1.25”.

In short? YES, it works! Docking Drawer CAN be installed into 12” wide drawers, which are commonly found in prefab double sink bathroom vanities (like this), or catalog vanities like you see below. In fact, Docking Drawer outlets can be installed into drawers as narrow as 9” using the previously mentioned Narrow Drawer Installation Techniques.

Installation Resources

Here are all the resources needed to plan your DD installation, which can be bookmarked or easily share with your installers:

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