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ETL Labeling Details on 2012 Docking Drawer Blade Duo and Blade 20 amp Outlets

All the components used in the 2012 Blade and Blade Duo outlets are rated for use at or in excess of 20 amps. This includes all internal wiring, the thermostat, connectors, ground connections, power cords, and the plug. All internal wiring, including

Electrical Certifications: What You Need to Know

At Docking Drawer, we're proud to be the market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets. Offering a full array of solutions, we are committed to charging and powering today's connected lifestyle with innovative solutions. Best of all, every outlet is

Docking Drawer In-Drawer Outlets are ADA Compliant when Installed Correctly

Did you know that Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical outlets are ADA Compliant? We get asked this question often, especially from our customers who develop and build apartments, condos, high-density housing projects and residential or commercial rea

Leviton Outlets Part Numbers Cross Reference Chart

Leviton Part Number:. T5632-E. 3 amps @ 120 VAC when used with Docking Drawer part numbers:. 15 amps @ 120 VAC when used with Docking Drawer part numbers:. Leviton Part Number:. T5632-W. 3 amps @ 120 VAC when used with Docking Drawer part numbers:. 1

Electrical Cord Management and Cycle Testing Helps Ensure In-Drawer Outlet Safety

Docking Drawer: Smart. Simple. Safe. We take these words seriously. Not only are Docking Drawer outlets designed with these words in mind, they're also tested well above national and international safety standards. So while we can reassure you our ou

Blade Series Interlocking Thermostat and Ventilated Cover Plate

Every Docking Drawer Blade Series 15 and 20 amp in-drawer outlet includes patented safety features, such as our interlocking thermostat. It measures the ambient temperature within the cabinet and de-energizes the outlet when the surrounding temperatu

Smart, Simple & Safe Outlets Designed Specifically for Use Inside the Drawer

Choose Docking Drawer, the smart, simple, and safe solution for in-drawer power.

Power Up Your Showroom

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Docking Drawer Patents

Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets are covered under one or more of the following patents:

Docking Drawer Finishes

Docking Drawer offers a versatile range of finishes to complement different interior design styles and ensure seamless integration of their outlets in various spaces. Customers can choose from four distinct finishes: White, Black, Stainless Steel, an

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