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Fire Guard Outlet FAQs


How to GFCI-protect Your Fire Guard Outlet

Discover two methods to integrate GFCI protection for your Docking Drawer Fire Guard Outlet for additional peace of mind.

Fire Guard Outlet FAQs

Get all of your questions answered about the Docking Drawer Fire Guard Outlet, formerly known as the Safety Outlet with Smoke & Heat Sensor.

How to Create a Tool Charging Rack

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How to Prevent Dishwasher Fires

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Is the Fire Guard Outlet easy to install?

Yes, the Fire Guard Outlet is a 15 amp single gang outlet designed for straightforward installation into existing junction boxes. Watch this unboxing and installation tutorial:. Protect your home with the Fire Guard Outlet.

How does the Fire Guard Outlet work?

The Fire Guard Outlet enhances safety by automatically cutting power to connected devices during a fire or rapidly rising heat. When integrated with a Smoke and Heat Sensor, the outlet detects these signs and triggers an alarm while promptly de-energ