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Electrical Certifications for the Fire Guard Outlet & DisconnectUpdated 5 months ago

The 15 amp Fire Guard Outlet, 20 amp Fire Guard Outlet & Fire Guard Disconnect (specifically the heat sensor and the interlock outlet or disconnect) are Listed to UL/CSA 60730-2-9 as an appliance interlock device. 

The smoke sensor is not a Listed component because there is no UL or CSA standard that covers a supplementary smoke sensor for use with appliances. The only UL/CSA standards that exist for a sensor like this are specific to smoke alarms and smoke detectors (UL 217 or UL 268, respectively), which are fundamentally different devices that are intended for building and life protection and are required to have distinct features like verbal alarms, battery backup, emergency lighting, and so on. The smoke sensor in our Fire Guard Outlet has just one purpose: to cut power to an appliance and sound an alarm when smoke or rapidly rising heat is detected. Therefore, the smoke sensor as a standalone component of this product is unlisted and exists only as a supplement to required smoke detectors and alarms.
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