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Specification Resources

Discover Docking Drawer specification resources, including DFX & Step files, mounting diagrams, and more.


Spec Books

Download FREE comprehensive Docking Drawer product spec books with the essential details to plan and execute your next project.

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DXF & STEP files

Docking Drawer provides 2D & 3D drawings to import into your Solidworks or CAD software for easy project planning. All Docking Drawer DXF & STEP files can be found here.

Mounting Diagrams

Docking Drawer provides detailed measurements for every in-drawer outlet and drawer box type to help you accurately and easily plan your project. All Docking Drawer Mounting Diagrams can be found here.

Docking Drawer Electrical Certifications

Did you know all of our Docking Drawer outlets are engineered for use inside your drawer? This means that our outlets have been rigorously tested against the relevant safety standards for whatever country they're approved for sale in. Curious as to w