Mounting Diagrams

North American Mounting Diagrams

Charging In-Drawer Outlets

Applies to part numbers: Blade: 0290-30000, 0290-30001, 0290-30002. Blade Duo: 0290-30100, 0290-30101, 0290-30102, 0290-30400, 0290-30402. USB Narrow: 0290-00078

Powering In-Drawer Outlets

Applies to part numbers: Style Drawer Blade: 0290-00324, 0290-00324-I, 0290-00324-U, 0290-00324-UI, 0290-00321, 0290-00321-I, 0290-00321-U, 0290-00321-UI. Style Drawer Blade Duo: 0290-20324, 0290-20324-I, 0290-20324-U, 0290-20324-UI, 0290-20321, 0290-20321-I, 0290-20321-U, 0290-20321-UI. Style Drawer Flush: 0290-00033, 0290-00033-U, 0290-00032, 0290-00032-U, 0290-00050, 0290-00050-U.

Pop-Up Powering Outlets

Applies to part numbers: 0290-70002, 0290-80000, 0290-80001, 0290-80002.

International Mounting Diagrams

International In-Drawer Outlets

Applies to part numbers: Docking Drawer Duo: 0290-20610W-AUS, 0290-20610W-EUR, 0290-20610W-UK. Docking Drawer Trio: 0290-20533W-AUS, 0290-20533W-EUR, 0290-20533W-UK.

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