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Why is My Safety Outlet Working in Reverse?Updated 17 days ago

If your safety outlet is working in the opposite direction from its intended function, you have likely installed the product incorrectly or are using it in an incompatible application. Read on to see how to solve the issue, depending on the application and product purchased.

Blade Limit Switch

Our Safety Outlet with Blade Limit Switch is designed to add an additional layer of safety to drawers powered by our Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets. When you experience the outlet working in reverse with in-drawer power applications, it is almost always due to incorrect mounting. The Blade Limit Switch must be mounted to the arms of your Docking Drawer Blade outlet–NOT to the back of the drawer box. 

This product is designed to turn on your in-drawer outlet when the switch is depressed by the outlet’s cable management arms, which happens when the arms begin to expand as the drawer opens. If you mount your switch to the back of the cabinet, the switch will depress when the drawer shuts, which would result in the outlet turning on when the drawer is closed–the opposite of the intended function. Watch this video tutorial to see how to mount your Blade Limit Switch properly.

how to install your blade limit switch

Corner Mount Limit Switch

Our Safety Outlet with Corner Mount Limit Switch is designed to turn off your appliance garage outlet when the cabinet doors are closed and the limit switch is depressed. When you experience the connected outlet working in reverse, it is almost always due to an incompatible application. Our Corner Mount Limit Switch can only be used with cabinet doors that swing open–NOT with pocket doors (NOTE: there is a new version of this product coming soon that will be compatible with pocket door appliance garages)

When mounting this product to the back of the cabinet behind a pocket door, the switch will depress when the door is open, causing the connected outlet to turn off. When the pocket door closes and the switch is open, the power to the outlet will turn on. See our installation instructions for the original Safety Outlet with Corner Mount Limit Switch here, and check back soon for our new pocket door solution, coming soon!


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