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What does my GFCI indicator light color mean?Updated 5 months ago

What does my GFCI indicator light color mean?

The GFCI outlet flashing red light is a crucial indicator of its operational status for ground fault protection. When the LED displays a green light, it confirms the successful completion of the device's self-test, signaling that it is actively delivering power. On the other hand, a red light (solid or blinking) indicates an issue that requires attention

To address this, attempt to reset the GFCI by pressing the test and reset buttons. If the reset is successful, the outlet should deliver power again. However, if the GFCI fails to reset or the red light persists, it indicates the device needs replacement, or there is a fault in the electrical ground.

If the LED indicator isn't visible, it suggests a tripped state which could be due to:

  1. The absence of power in the circuit which prevents the ability to reset the device.
  2. Loss of its self-test function, indicating the device cannot reset and needs replacing.
  3. If there is a ground fault, the LED will turn red. It won’t be dark.

GFCIs are instrumental in preventing electrical hazards. Any indication of compromised protection warrants a prompt replacement to ensure continual safety.

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