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How To Update a Docking Drawer OutletUpdated a month ago

Updating Docking Drawer outlets is a simple process that ensures a future-proof solution, allowing for easy configuration updates as needed over time. Following these simple steps, you can maintain a reliable and adaptable power solution within your Docking Drawer system as technology evolves:

  1. Remove the Cover Plate: Use a screwdriver to remove the cover plate from the existing outlet. This typically takes less than 5 minutes and only requires a replacement outlet.

  2. Purchase Replacement Outlet: Ensure you purchase a Decora style outlet that matches the amperage requirement of your Docking Drawer solution. Use a 20 amp outlet for 20 amp Docking Drawer solutions and a 15 amp outlet for 15 amp solutions.

  3. Remove Mounting Screws: Take out the two mounting screws that secure the existing outlet in place.

  4. Disconnect Wires: Carefully detach the wires from the old outlet.

  5. Connect Black Wire: Attach the black wire to the HOT terminal on the new outlet and secure it with the brass screw.

  6. Connect White Wire: Connect the white wire to the WHITE terminal on the new outlet and secure it with the silver screw.

  7. Connect Green Wire: Attach the green wire to the GREEN terminal on the new outlet and secure it with the green screw.

  8. Install New Outlet: Place the new outlet into the receptacle box and secure it using the two mounting screws removed earlier.

  9. Install Cover Plate: Once the new outlet is securely in place, install the cover plate back onto the outlet.

Video transcript:

“Went to Home Depot and bought this 20 amp weather resistant GFCI outlet, 20 or 25 bucks, I think. Now, what we're going to do is we're going to remove the old plug. All right. Black, white, and ground. Black, white, and ground. Okay. Black, white, and ground. Okay. Black, It goes here. White goes here. White goes here. I'm going to move it to the screw up, make sure that the wire fits in there. Tighten those babies up. Okay. The ground is on the bottom. Place it back into the spot. Okay. Getting it up. Okay. That's it.”

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